Central to Mevo’s success are our employees’ with their expert-knowledge, involvement and effort. Mevo employs a young team of professionals and skilled tradesmen. The close co-operation of specialists working in a dynamic environment ensures synergy based upon expert and professional knowledge. The power of the Mevo-team management to proves itself time after time again in thinking along with the customers’ specific wishes and requirements. This philosophy is present from ideas through to after sales service. Mevo never works with standard solutions; every assignment is unique and will be approached and carried out in a unique manner


"The Employees in Ruurlo"


"The Employees in Trenĉin, Slowakia".

Mevo has relevant contact-persons at every level. Specific questions will be dealt with by the expert within that area of work. Project team managers will maintain smooth and concise communication. In practice, this means short lines of communication, thinking along with the customer and bringing forward effective solutions.